Friday, April 22, 2016


What. A. Week.

You might think an unexpected week long vacation from school sounds fun, but it was not the celebration it could have been. Being cooped up together without the option of going anywhere- including outside proved to be more of a challenge than I was ready for. I like to think of myself as a fun mom, but I assure you I earned the award for the grouchy mom this week.  Oh man! Let's see if I can go through the week and still remain awake and conscious.

Sunday night the storms came rolling in at full force and left no prisoners. It began in the evening and the girls had no problems going to sleep- but as the night rolled along, the storm became vicious and unrelentless.  A little before midnight our first "flash flood" warning came followed by our first "tornado warning".  Its funny, Todd and I having lived all of our adult lives in Texas- where tornadoes are common- were trying to remember which was worse- a tornado watch or a tornado warning.  It's warning, just FYI. Warning is just that- take cover, you are in potential danger. I readied the laundry room- which is a bit small for a party of 7, and I wanted Todd to go get the children.  I hadn't spoken the words, "Just bring them down one by one and keep them sleeping" so his interpretation of the events was- get everyone down stairs as fast as possible. I'm not sure it would have worked keeping them asleep, but we will try it next time! Out of all of the children Ava was the most freaked out.  Since this is old hat to Todd and I, neither of us were anxious- just wanting to make sure we were up to date with the happenings. Camille-taking cue from me- was making reassuring statements throughout the night, which was quite funny since her oldest sister was having a meltdown. I can't remember the times, because its all a bit of a blur- but eventually the threat had passed and we sent everyone to bed. For the next couple hours we were either woken by additional emergency alarms or Ava. Around 4am, I think, we were under another tornado warning.  I attempted to keep them sleeping, but having had a restless night- they all awoke as soon as I put my hands on them.  We spent that warning in the living room watching the weather man drone on and on. Finally- again- the warning was lifted, and our little ones went to bed for a little bit in an effort to race the sun's arrival and our start of the day. Because sleep and memory are so closely tied, I can't remember if I ever went to bed that night. Eventually, Todd and I would find sleep in small cat naps throughout the day, but it was an exhausting existence. Since our kids had gone to bed on time and had been able to go back to sleep- they were really fine most of the day.  Cora and Camille took longer naps and Lucy had a few meltdowns, but other than that- it was a normal day.  By normal, of course, I mean that school had been canceled, work had been canceled, and the city of Houston had shut down.

Since Todd was not at work and could not leave the house, he spent most of the day organizing the ward members and checking on those in dire situations.  I spent the morning cooking up a big breakfast with eggs, biscuits, and bacon.  I earned that bacon, after all! The rest of the day was fairly normal, just a bit sleepier. We watched the news more often than usual- which should translate into: we watched the news in the first time in I don't know how long. Todd felt he would have no problems going to work the next day, which he did.  Unfortunately many of the streets leading to schools had been flooded and one of our high schools received some big damage- so school was canceled Tuesday as well.

The rest of the week was basically spent thinking that we would be going to school the next day- so let's get this or that done. Nothing too big or grand was started because well, school would be in session tomorrow.  so let's just plan easy for today. Gradually, my beautifully cleaned home has turned into a 7-day weekend. I am hopeful to get it back in order today, but I am not getting my hopes too high.

I should also mention that- blessing or curse- I decided that we are going to potty train Camille. I felt like it was time, she was ready, and I was frankly tired of her diapers. In that respect, it has been good to be stuck at home. She'd had the opportunity to focus on making it to the potty and to keep those panties clean! And let's just talk details for one moment and then never talk about it again.  The girl can poop just fine in the potty.  She gets it.  Peeing, however, is just not clicking. This is my 4th kid to potty train. Karma hates me.

Yesterday I was REALLY getting stir crazy so I told Todd that I thought I would take the girls to Chick-fil-a so that they could get some energy out and I could get out of the house.  We ate and the girls went off to play and within 5 minutes, Camille had peed. Super. So I, without emotion, put Camille in the car with the older girls, buckled in Cora, then went back into the restaurant while I cleaned up the breakfast and Ava cleaned up the pee (she knew where it was). We drove home, Camille sitting in her seat soaking. AWEEEEEESOME.

We went to the dentist later in the morning in the continual rain.  Just pounding. BUT we made it safe and sound and every one's teeth were fine.  Lucy got her baby tooth pulled, and the tooth fairy paid her first visit...despite the fact that she actually lost the tooth between the trip home and the walk upstairs to her bedroom. Go figure.

That afternoon, despite the constant clouds and rain- it cleared up and the heat turned on.  Hallelujah! So the girls went outside to eat lunch and to play. In the course of their 5 minutes of freedom, Cora picked up a bee on the trampoline and put it in her mouth.  I'm not sure if it was alive or dead. ,Either way- it stung her in the tongue and Ava screamed for me to come immediately.  I was upstairs putting up laundry.  Cora was obviously upset, so I took her into my bathroom to get a better look.  I could see the stinger in her tongue alright and verbally praying for help, I got the tweezers and tried to get her to stick her tongue out.  Not easy.  Somehow, I managed to get it out.  It wasn't big, thankfully. I immediately gave her Benadryl and Tylenol and texted Todd to call the doctor.  As I waited for him, I gave her frozen marshmallows in hopes that that might aide the swelling. The doctor had suggested everything I had already done but encouraged us to watch her.  Her tongue was slightly swollen on the side it was stung, but other than a little fussiness- that was the end of that.  Story for the books!

I had had my fill of "excitement" from my children, so Todd insisted that we go out to dinner.  Bless his wisdom.  We went to MOD pizza and then wandered around Whole Foods for a bit.  We came home and put the kids to bed. We have been watching Parks & Rec- because one of our friends says that its really funny...they also said you have to watch a bit before it gets funny. We are hoping to get to that part, although its pretty funny now. 

Thankfully, all good things must come to a close and next week these kids will be back at school! I know this is a lot of angst for one post but man oh man- don't sign me up for the apocalypse, I am not mentally sound enough. Its one thing to have a day here or there that you don't expect but a whole week where you think you'll be going the next day is kinda like hell on Earth. It's like going on a car ride and never actually getting there.  I know one family, who's Dad is a teacher, and they just decided they'd go to Sea World today.  Why not? Can't go to school, kids are stir crazy, might as well! Wish they had taken me with them!

OK, in all honesty, we are grateful that it was not worse. Our neighborhood is designed to not flood, and we were very fortunate to have access to places, enough food, and things to do.  We did make some good memories mixed in with all the fighting and pee-pee accidents.  AND I have not been admitted to the loony bin- so all-in-all, this is a win/win....but that loony bin is sounding better and better by the minute!

Whew.  Happy Friday, ya'll.

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Janelle said...

You're just being prepared for the apocalypse ;-) glad you all survived, pee accidents and all. You're a saint and a trooper xoxox